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About Our Vital Signs Smart Shirt

Splendo NANO TECH shirt is a result of Splendo's participation in the  Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE. This is a smart wearable consisting of a shirt and software to monitor and measure vital signs using non-invasive technologies.

The shirt contains integrated nanosensors and DLS (Dynamic Light Scattering) sensors that continuously and non-invasively measure pulse, blood flow, blood velocity, coagulation, vascular health and body movement.

The raw signals from the sensors translate into novel indices of cardiovascular risks, such as endothelial function, global coagulation status of the blood, red blood cells aggregation rate and fibrinogen concentration in blood. In addition, the connected SPLENDO software platform can continuously and non-invasively measure a set of physiological parameters such as respiratory rate, systolic blood pressure trends, cardiac contractility, cardiac valve dysfunction and Traube-Hering-Mayer oscillations by analyzing the high resolution blood pulse wave.

By aggregating all these measurements NANO TECH can detect health perturbations related to Cardiac, Vascular, Respiratory and Neurological pathologies.

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