We are geeks with an unprecedented drive for new techniques. We not only think of innovative solutions, but also build them.

Our Particular Set Of Skills

Machine Learning
Internet Of Things
Mobile Applications

Our Clients

Tacx / Garmin

Splendo built the initital mobile training app and cloud platform in close collaboration with Tacx, world leader in the development of in-home cycling trainers. GPS or video based routes automatically adjust the trainer's resistance, mimicking the road conditions on screen. Video playback speed is adjusted to the athlete's effort, to further enhance the experience. After acquisition by Garmin, high quality code and documentation ensured a seamless handover to their in-house team for further development.

Time Series Deep Learning Model

Splendo develops generic deep learning models for timeseries data. Many data sources are never 'complete' because new data points are continuously added. Splendo is able to convert such data into a so-called 'time series stream', after which predictions can be made with this data using deep learning models.

X.bike: flexible smart bike platform

Splendo built the native Android and iOS apps and cloud for X.bike's modular white-label smart bike platform. It allows clients to set up and run any type of bike share or rental operation with the industry leading AxA E-RL smart locks.

Vital Signs Smart Shirt

Splendo NANO TECH shirt is a result of Splendo's participation in the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE. This is a smart wearable consisting of a shirt and software to monitor and measure vital signs using non-invasive technologies.